National Museum of Flight

 By Fraser McIntyre, Visitor Services Assistant, National Museum of Flight, East Fortune

Take a look at some of the fantastic images on the air display and on the ground activity that were taken of Scotland’s National Airshow in our Flickr Group and check back on the Airshow here for announcements of our 2015 show.

The Airshow at National Museum of Flight, East Fortune is on the horizon, preparations have been on-going for some time now. I was excited to see the line-up of aircraft that will be taking to the skies above East Fortune this summer. New for this year we have The Great War Display Team, made up of a Royal Aircraft Factory SE5A and a Junkers CL1, who will be re-creating a death defying First World War dog fight.

Lindstrand Hot Airship will be displaying at the Airshow at East Fortune

Lindstrand Hot Airship will be displaying at the Airshow at East Fortune.

Also new this year is the Lindstrand HS110 Hot Airship which will be flying before and during the interval display. The bright orange airship will no doubt impress everyone at around 120ft long however it would have been dwarfed by the giant 643ft  R34 airship which flew from East Fortune in 1919,  on the first east to west transatlantic air crossing. Other stars of the show include the Sea King helicopter, P51 Mustang, and Swordfish and the Tiger Moth and the amazing RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team who will no doubt wow visitors with their skillfully choreographed displays.

A Sea King SAR helicopter will be at the Airshow at East Fortune.

If, like me, you prefer your displays fast, noisy and red then you won’t be disappointed as making we welcome back the fantastic Red Arrows, with their world famous display of precision aerobatics.

Red Arrows in formation with colour on at RAF Waddington Airshow, 2011 © MOD Crown Copyright.